Beyond the Subject

They look different; they are living objects without having anything in common with you. Their appearance to you is different and that is unusual for you! Unusual – you are not used to “awkward people”, are you? Moreover, you will not mess about with others!
 Our aesthetic apprehension is built up on the culture and traditions we grew up in. Which to a large extent is forming our prejudices. The visual signals, which we are used to receiving throughout our life, have considerable impact on our frame of mind. We are comfortable to live in a familiar “world”, see familiar images and according to our aesthetic dimensions, the appearance of the others might be even “ugly” for us. We have no need to know them personally, we do not want to be friends with them, marry them, and we cannot associate us with them. 
  The others can be interesting subjects for research, even time to time an exciting adventure to spend time with, in order to experience their exoticism. Nevertheless, if we do not go further, beyond their looks and habits, it will be impossible to judge their personality as fellow humans…[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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